Client Samples

Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.

The Director of International Business Development for Leviton Manufacturing Co. Inc. read my article on dental bonding. He was impressed with my writing ability and hired me to write Web content for the Leviton Manufacturing Co. Inc. website. Over the telephone, he told me he was happy with the Web content I wrote for his company for a British audience. He said it would make a lot of money in sales for his company.

Selected Website content





Janice S. Sutton Insurance Agency, Inc. Facebook Business Page

In 2012, the Farmers Insurance company created a program that put its Farmers’ agents on Facebook to boost insurance sales. To comply, Farmers Insurance Agency owner Janice S. Sutton hired me to manage her Farmers Insurance Facebook Business page. The Janice S. Sutton Insurance Agency, Inc. is now social media compliant with the Farmers Insurance directive.


Keller Williams Real Estate Agent Wavery Brown

Email sent to her contact list inviting them to join one of her Facebook groups.

Facebook Email Invitation Sample

Independence Federal Savings Bank

Two reports for Mr. Stanley W. Parsons, Vice President & Chief information Officer, Independence Federal Savings Bank.

Email Encryption Report


Laptop Security Report


Future Kings — Dr. Arik King, Founder

This nonprofit organization’s mission is “to use education, mentoring, training, practical experiences, and mastery of 21st century technology in order to create a pipeline of young men from underserved communities who excel in STEM related careers and positively influence their communities.”

I was asked to write website content about NSBE. Here is a link to the content…

NSBE — Future Kings

Dr. Conrad, Dentist — Article about dental bonding

My dentist recommended the dental bonding procedure for a broken tooth during a dental office visit. I volunteered to write an article for his dental practice about dental bonding.

What is Dental Bonding 

Other Samples

Home Page

The Home Aromotherapy’s primary product – and source of income – is now online instruction for their aromatherapy products. These are video classes delivered online, through the site… both live and recorded. Below is a sample home page for this company. This is an online retail business selling online video instructional materials about aromatherapy oils, diffusers and candles.


Landing Page

Executive Travel Tips publishes a weekly newsletter for business people who are frequent fliers. The newsletter goes out weekly with news and updates on best upgrade deals. Below is a landing page sample. The landing page offers a free drawing to encourage busy executives and other business travelers to sign up for a subscription to the weekly newsletter.

Executive Travel Tips

Product Review

Product reviews are ways to pre-sell prospective buyers on a product they might be interested in purchasing. It’s a way to build trust and encourage the reader to think more about the product or service. It’s about trying to have a positive impact on people’s lives when they consider purchasing a product.  Their lives will be better, easier or happier.

This product review is for the School mobile app. The product provides an innovative mobile tool for parents and students. It helps to improve the K-12 educational experience, engages parents and motivates students to increase their performance in school.

School mobile app

Email Samples

Traveling to the Nearest Star

This is an email based on an actual sales letter for a Childcraft publication.

Traveling to the Nearest Star

Conversational Copywriting

This email promotes conversational copywriting. The founder is Nick Usborne. It explains what conversational copywriting is. The email demonstrates how it will help small business owners and entrepreneurs reach out to clients.

Conversational Copywriting 

Email Copy Made Easy

This email promotes the American Writers and Artists, Inc. (AWAI) program taught by Jay White. It’s a direct response copywriting program for people who want to make money writing emails.

Email Copy Made Easy

Green Leaf Lawncare Inc. 

This is a promotional email for Green Leaf Lawncare Inc. The company provides lawn and garden maintenance services to homeowners in 13 communities in and around the suburbs of Seattle. The busy times are Spring, Summer and Fall. While they offer services as diverse as maintaining fish ponds and trimming shrubs and trees, about 80% of their business is simply cutting grass and general lawn care.

Promotional Email

Email Contest Entry

How to Stay Healthy with Daily Exercise

Direct-Response Package Sample

Budget Brainiacs is a fun web-based program and club for families with children ages 10 and up. Its mission is to be a destination site kids look forward to visiting while they learn critical financial skills and earn rewards. This web sales packet introduces Budget Brainiacs as an exciting new club that uniquely helps parents prepare their children for financial literacy and success.

Direct Response Package

Restaurant Letter Sample

Sales letter encouraging a friend to visit and dine at a favorite restaurant.

Restaurant Letter

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