Keywords Educate an Audience of Educational Consumers

If you can’t think of the right words to say, contact Koester’s Keywords, LLC for help. If you don’t know what to write about the product or service you are selling, picking up a pen or a pencil won’t help. Sheila Koester of Koester’s Keywords, LLC knows the right words to use to help your business grow. Don’t go nuts if you can’t think of what to say to your clients and customers. Give Sheila Koester of Koester’s Keywords, LLC a call. She will write the right persuasive words on your blank sheet of paper or computer screen for you.

Sheila Koester is a freelance online copywriter. She writes conversational copy, content and social media for the Web. You can contact her if you need help with any of the following items…

What is a copywriter, you might ask?

As a copywriter, I write words that get your readers to take an action. Actions include clicking on a link, making a purchase and learning more about a product or service offered by your business.

A copywriter writes persuasive selling messages that inspire an audience of readers to take action. Each action moves a lead one-step closer to becoming a customer or client of your business.

What is conversational copywriting?

As a conversational copywriter, I write copy that engages the audience. Conversational copywriters write in a way that feels natural when spoken aloud. Conversational copywriters write simply, with short words and sentences.

The copy conversational copywriters write sells through a natural enthusiasm in its message and delivery. Conversational copywriters work hard to deliver value to the audience reading the words conversational copywriters write.

According to master copywriter, Nick Usborne, “good conversational copy and content create a human connection, drive more sales and build real and lasting loyalty.”

What is the difference between a content marketer and a copywriter?

    Both need to understand the audience of a business. Both use this insight to achieve very different goals. However, as a content marketer, I research an audience. I use this knowledge to plan, write and distribute a steady supply of editorial articles, blog posts, content that pre-sells and other “content” that will create an “educated buyer.”  The content I write establishes authority and trust for the audience reading the content I produce.

What is social media?

    Nick Usborne answers this question. “A social media site or network is a site that enables its users to participate and interact within a group of friends, colleagues or even strangers.” I manage social media channels to provide a platform facilitating messages between users.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube are a few of the more popular social media channels out there. There are many others. According to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, the amount of information people are willing to share online doubles every year. There is even a law named after him – Zuckerberg’s Law.

What if you need my services?

Now as a prospective client, you can better understand my own marketing message. Conversational copy, content and social media for the Web. I specialize in the education industry. I’m also available to help insurance and real estate agents use social media platforms to grow their customer base.

You may be trying to decide how to market your business. Alternatively, you may not know what to write to your own customers and clients. Don’t leave your company’s website or Facebook page blank. Stop going nuts trying to figure out how to write persuasively to your customers and clients. Contact Sheila Koester of Koester’s Keywords, LLC today.


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