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Reading has inspired me to pursue knowledge through education. My interest in reading many different books and articles has led to a passion for writing. I have now embarked on a journey to help businesses and organizations increase sales and income through effective online conversational, copy, content and social media for the Web.

As a substitute teacher, I use keywords to persuade my students to take action. I use a call to action to remind them to work on their assignments and turn in their completed work. My students for the day are my audience. I understand the importance of education in their lives. As a copywriter, I also use a call to action in the copy I write for clients.
The written word has the power to persuade others to take an action. Education and information technology work together. I have a background in both. I have work experience both as a substitute teacher and as a software developer. My passion for writing helps me as a freelance online copywriter.
Businesses need effective online copy and content to reach an audience. Social media helps companies share information with anyone. I understand the nature of the Internet and can write a variety of conversational copy, content or for any social media channel.
I can use persuasive, conversational direct response copywriting skills to reach many different audiences. These persuasive skills were acquired and developed through many copywriting training programs.
Farmers Insurance (the Janice S. Sutton Insurance Agency Inc.)
Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Real Estate Agent Wavery Brown
Textbroker International, Inc.
Independence Federal Savings Bank
Intersections, Inc.   
Department of the United States Navy
Acton Burnell, Inc.
Prince William County Schools
General Services Administration
Skyline Financial Services Corp.
Comprehensive Marketing Systems, Inc.                                   
the National Archives
Future Kings


American Writers & Artists, Institute, Professional Writers Alliance  — Guest Writer Essay Series

Conversational Design: An Introduction for Chatbot Copywriters

Conversational Design: Strategies for Successful Conversation Flow

Conversational Design: Chatbot Creation

Conversational Design: Opportunities for Chatbot Writing Projects

Certificate of Completion — The Chatbot Copywriting Mastery & Certification program and is recognized as an AWAI Verified™ Chatbot Marketing Specialist

Sheila Koester – CBI Certificate

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